What we expect from users:

‣ Remember to be kind and respectful. We are here to be a friendly community for ourselves and other users.

‣ Do not harass anyone. This includes bullying, racial slurs and sexism. This can come across very intimidating and that’s not how we want the server to be.

‣ We believe in the right of free speech (within reason). If you are wanting to discuss controversial topics it can be done in the designated chat room – #controversial

‣ If you are afraid of anybody’s well-being, including your own, please contact a member of staff to help said person to find help as close to them as possible.

‣ If you seem to be struggling a member of staff may ask for your whereabouts to find help closest to you. Please make sure beforehand that they are listed as staff.

‣ We advise that you do not share personal information about yourself or others for your own safety. (Unless #5 is applied)

‣ We ask that you do not use the server as a self-promotion server. If you are an active user that contributes to the community then this rule may be overlooked.

‣ As every other member, the staff also want to be able to read/keep up with the chat and we would appreciate if spam is kept to a minimum. If you are wanting to spam we have #bot-spam.

‣ No transaction of currency, items or online items are allowed (this includes begging and/or “e-begging”).

‣ Keep NSFW content in the designated channel – #nsfw-mature-adult-chat.

‣ To keep the chat readable for everyone, we’d like to ask that the conversations are in English, if you are wanting to communicate in a different language please do so in DMs.

‣ Please try to use the correct chatrooms. If a member or staff member asks you to move to a different channel, please do so.

‣ We do not condone suicide, terrorism or other offensive jokes.

‣ Keep personal problems with other members/staff outside of the server. We would rather keep this place as friendly as possible without sly digs/comments at/about other people. If things need to be dealt with, a staff member can help.

‣ Please be fair when using Jukebot. If someone is listening to music and you are wanting to listen to a completely different genre, there is another bot/chatroom you can use. (If you have asked and the person said it is okay to add your music, then do so).

‣ If anyone in the server is breaking any of the above rules then we ask that you ask them nicely to stop. If the rule-break is more serious or something that you feel staff need to act on, be sure to let us know (If a screenshot can be provided then please try your best to do so as it will help us deal with said issue).

Repeatedly breaking the rules will result in punishment which can range from a mute to a permanent ban from the server.