How do I change my email/username for Discord?

User settings > Account > Email/Username

What is NightHaven?

NightHaven is a gaming community where the main goal is to help and support anyone who suffers with mental health issues such as depression.

How can I help NightHaven?

We have several jobs available on the Discord server, this could include event staff and “Supports” who offer and provide company for other members.

On top of this any sort of promotion of NightHaven is a great help, this could be as easy as letting your friends know about us!


How do I get the game roles?

You can give yourself game roles using “.iam role” (role replacing the name of the game you want). An example of this is: .iam Overwatch

How do I become event staff/support?

We will have applications available for both positions.

If you would like to check if they are open, be sure to head over to our Discord server.

Can I donate to NightHaven?

The donations towards NightHaven will fully go towards the cost of running the VPS and website, if you were to want to help with these you can donate here: PayPal

Does NightHaven have any social media sites we can follow?

We do. You can follow them by clicking them below!




Is NightHaven a charity/non-profit?

No, we are not registered as a charity or non-profit at this current time.