What we expect from users:

‣ We ask that you do not share and personal information about yourself or others, this is for your own safety.

‣ If you seem to be struggling a member of staff may ask you for your area to try and help you find help in your local area. Please make sure beforehand that they are listed as a member of staff.

‣ We believe in the right of free speech (within reason). If you are wanting to discuss controversial topics we have a designated room for debating/discussing them – #controversial

‣ Do not harass anyone. This includes bullying, racial slurs and sexism. This can come across as very intimidating and that’s not how we want the server to be.

‣ We ask you to keep NSFW content to yourself, this includes but isn’t limited to: pornography and gore.

‣ If you are afraid of anybody’s well-being, including your own, please contact a member of staff to help said person to find help as close to them as possible. (We will eventually have a page on the website which includes numbers for respective countries)

‣ No transactions of currency, items or online items are allowed. (This includes begging and/or “e-begging”)

‣ We ask that you don’t use the server as a self-promotion server, if you are an active member and contribute without only sending self-promotion this is a rule that can be looked by.

‣ Remember to be kind and respectful. We are here to be a friendly community for ourselves and each other.

‣ As every other member, the staff also want to be able to read/keep up with the chat and we would appreciate the spam being kept to a minimum, although in #bot-spam you can spam to your hearts content.

‣ If anyone in the server is breaking any of the above rules then we ask that you ask them nicely to stop. If the rule-break is more serious or something that you feel staff need to act on make sure to let us know (If a screenshot can be provided then please try your best as it will help us deal with the issue).